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PRE-ORDER Sherri Glow in the Dark Shirt ONLY

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Pre-order your Sensational/Scary Sherri Shirts Today!

Without a doubt, Sherri Martel was one of the greatest managers in all of Professional Wrestling history. It's a shame that she hasn't been given a shirt design in all of her years in and out of various companies--Until now. Gothic-inspired illustrator, and fellow wrestling fan, Jackson Zorn and I have teamed up to create a shirt that we feel encapsulates Sherri's character and gives her career the respect it deserves. Whether it was Sensational, Scary, or Sister, ANY Sherri was going to be gold every night she stepped out in front of the crowds or cameras.

This shirt is made with Glow in the Dark ink, screened over plain white ink. The SCARY design will glow in the dark after it has been exposed to light. Printed on Hanes Comfort Soft.

All shirts will be shipped out by Oct. 19, 2019.